Financial Policy

We are pleased that you have chosen our practice for your medical care.  Quality and affordable health are important.  Our charges are representative of the usual and customary charges for our area.  In order to reduce misunderstandings, following are our financial policies:

INSURANCE:  We have listed on this website health plans we do business with.  You must present an up-to-date insurance card at each visit.  It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits including deductibles and copayments, and to notify our office of any changes in your coverage.   It is your responsibility to make sure we are listed as your PCP if required by your insurance coverage.  If we are not listed, we may not be able to see you at your scheduled visit.

COPAYS, DEDUCTIBLES AND PAST-DUE BALANCES:  All copays are to be paid at the time of service.  You should be aware of your deductible and if not met, this should be paid at the time of service.  Past-due balances are to be paid as arranged by the billing department.  If you are unable to make payment at the time of service, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

NON-COVERED SERVICES:  All health plans are not the same.  They are a contract between you and the health plan.  It is your responsibility to know your coverage. You must pay for non-covered services in full.
Make sure you have scheduled the correct type of visit, ie: regular check up vs. annual physical, etc.  We cannot change our visit code after submission to insurance.  Please do not call us to do so.  Insurances verify that documentation of your office visit includes all the components of the visit we are billing for and cannot be changed after the fact.

MINORS: A parent/legal guardian must accompany a minor patient.  We must have written permission to treat a minor if parent cannot accompany the patient.  The adult accompanying the minor patient is responsible for payment of copay at the time of service.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES:  Patient statements are sent out monthly.  A monthly payment keeps your account current.  If your account is over 90 days past due and there has been no communication with the billing department, your account may be referred to a collection agency. You will be required to pay at least 25% of the outstanding balance plus applicable copayment if scheduling an appointment.  This could also change your status as a patient at Medical Associates of Boswell.

OTHER CHARGES:  One form will be completed at no charge if presented at an office visit.  There will be at least a $10.00 form fee for each additional form, or each form completed outside of an office visit. Some forms require a narrative report which will have an additional charge.  This fee must be paid in advance, or when the form is picked up.  There may also be a fee for a personal copy of patient records.